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The 'Big Deal' about our jewelry

Written by Chinwendu Uwaemelu


Posted on February 16 2021

What really is the 'big deal' is about our quilled jewelry? Why chose to offer products in this kind of craft? What really is the BIG DEAL?

If you are a fashion-crazed woman like me who loves big jewelry, then you can relate with the struggle of how heavy those things are, especially the earrings. The weight of those earrings could pull on your earlobes and over time of continuous wearing, eventually cut through. Because I didn't want to harm my precious earlobes, I had to stop wearing pendant jewelry and generally anything that would be heavy for my ears. That is, until I found out about paper quilling jewelry.

Now, I know paper jewelry sounds like a crazy idea. But, honestly, it's not as crazy as you think. First of all, it's not just ordinary paper. It's quilling paper made specially for this kind of art. Meaning that these jewelries are actually more durable than you think. They are also coated with water resistant film so, it is water resistant. Then, it's light-weight. These jewelries are literally paper weight. You could put them on and even forget you are wearing jewelries.

Secondly, even though these jewelries are made out of paper, it is never obvious. On many occasions, at first glance people have be unable to tell the source material of these jewelries. In fact, there been cases were people have argued with me about it. The designs are so flawless and elegantly done that its difficult not to be mesmerized by them. Every single jewelry piece is a masterful work of art.

If you having been having doubt about these kind of jewelry, I assure you, they aren't necessary. With our jewelry, it's really a win-win situation.