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Inspired by warriors from the South African tribe, Nguni, these handmade paper quill pendant earrings portray the strength and resilience its eponym embodies. This piece is available in a range of different colors and designs.

Manufacturing: Handmade paper quill earring. 
Material: Paper, nickel free wire 


  • The earring pendant has a diameter of about 2.2" (5.7 cm).
  • Together with the nickel free fish wire ball metal earring hook, we get a total length of approx 3.1"(8.7 cm)

Durability: It is doubly coated with varnish to help protect it from moisture, sweat and water splashes. The varnish coat also adds and extra layer of firmness; thereby enhancing the durability of the product. Click here to view our product care.

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